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Hardware equipment---Barcode scanner
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@Fully automatic scan operation(Metrologic MS7120)

small enough to be picked up.
Hand-held and hands-free scanning.Resolution: 203 dpi@Resolution: 203 dpi@
1200 scan lines per second
Customize the depth-of-field for tight scanning environments
150 mm (5.9") H x 105 mm (4.1") D x Orb Width: 80
mm (3.1") Base Width: 102 mm (4.0")

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@Metrologic Hand-held/Hands-free Scanner (Metrologic MS9540)

Patented automatic trigger
Combination of hand-held / fixed projection
Short-range and long-range activation
Adjustable Stand
Right choice for retail point-of-sale
198mm(7.8!L)H x 40mm(1.6!L)D x 80mm(3.1!L)W-
Handle 102mm(4.0!L)W-Head

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@Metrologic Laser Barcode Scanner (Metrologic MS5145)

CodeGate data transmission technology ideal for menu-scanning
Popular USB and Keyboard Wedge interfaces built into one unit
Remote control style button reduces fatigue
Easy to program using Windows-based utility or bar code menu

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@Vectronix CCD Barcode Scanner w/KB Wedge (Vectronix)

Best price High performance
Build-in Keyboard Emulator for laptop/PC
Excelling in densities starting at 0.125 or lower
100 scans/secon

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@Metrologic Horizon in-counter Laser Barcode Scanner (Metrologic MS7650)

High first-pass read rate
Optional hand-held port
Stainless-steel top plate
"Touch-on" power save mode
Optional hardened glass
193mm(7.6!L) H x 88mm(3.5!L) D x 229mm(9.0!L) W

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@CIPHER Lab Portable Data Collector (CIPHER LAB HDC711)

Built in Laser or CCD Scanner
Built in IRDA port
1M Programmable memory & 1 M Data memory
Operation battery (2 AAA can support 100 hrs)
Support "C" "Basic" compilers & Windows-based application generator
Suitable for inventory control, work-in-process, tracking, shop floor management, asset tracking

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