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¡@Restaurant king(Restaurant system)

Fit for : restaurant¡Bhotel¡Bmember place......

¡@Function introduction :
The main goal in order to solve chain store operation,such as supplement of the material, the goods flow and the stock , the sales management, VIP member management, the kitchen management, check-out, and so on.
adopted Windows formula development technology,conformed computer retail trade system completely,from the stock, the entrepreneur can carry on stocks management according to the merchandise combination, at the same time through touch controls to carry on the process of customer order,check-out,etc.. the system match to the demands of the shops.The system includes:

Store Controller System
Kitchen Management System
Table Management System
Cashier POS System

The simple operation of the system make the user easy to learn, the maintenance and support service of the system is safe to be used.The basic utility program of system,discriminate by type is:

shop routine work:
Opens for business,and put up the shutters.
shop management work: dispose stock , complement the goods.
Table management work: sit down, change table, order, dining, check-out.
check-out management work: check-out and manager clear up accounts .

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