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ˇ@Talent for retail (Retail system)

Fit for : fashion store,department store,show business,music,book store,supermarker, commodity store,Bsock store......

ˇ@The computer retail system function introduction:
Main goal:The computer retail system assists to sell, draw invoice ,solve retail trade related material supplemented,the sales management, VIP member management,reckoning daily and so on, provide multi-function report form in addition,use for the promotion plan to the sales competition.

adopted Windows formula development technology,conformed computer retail trade system completely,from the stock, the entrepreneur can carry on stocks management according to the merchandise combination, at the same time may work with the barcode system operation, match to the demands of the shops.the system includes:

Shop Management System
Inventory Management System
Back-Office Management System
Sales Analysis System

The simple operation of the system make the user easy to learn, the maintenance and support service of the system is safe to be used.The basic utility program of system,discriminate by type is:

shop routine work: Opens for business,and put up the shutters.
shop management work: dispose stock , complement the goods.
Manager work: encoding New goods, make price, operator password,establish jurisdiction and so on.
printing report form work: check-out,the manager clear up accounts and other a series of analyses report formˇC
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