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Main Features
Who we are
Pericles Technology Limited was founded in 1994 as a software development company. Its mission is to provide
quality service and quality products towards better information management for different-sized companies. Its products were developed to best fit practical work flow. Different departments could start separately right now while integrated to give a complete system in future.
What we do
Pericles Technology Limited as a software consultant firm, we provide total solution in office computerization. For example, we have been recommending economical proposal to our customers to meet their needs. We also have been providing tailor made software to match different requests from our clients.

Providing homepage design services is one of the ways to meet our targets which are promoting the future technology to public. This service not only gives one more channel for our clients to promote their business, but also enable them to move into the information highway, which are the goals we are sharing with our customers.

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