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  Computer cash register compare with Traditional ones
Traditional cash register
Computer cash register
  The benefits of computery
Decrease theft
Decrease the loss of storages
Increase the benefit of storages
Insure your profits
Quicken the process of check-out
Offer customer service and sale data analysis
+ Traditional cash register
  Traditional cash register just can calculates incomes daily,but it can't tell you the data about profits. And it can't tell you the storages and which goods have sold.Say nothing of analysing goods sell and the data of all-year sells.
+ Computer cash register
  Computer cash register is different from traditional cash register,it can tell you incomes daily,at the same time analyse the profits.For example,one business earned $500,$200 cost and $300 profit thereinto.Furthermore,it will update the storages automatically,and make you know what kind of goods is in deficiency.More......
+ Decrease theft
  How can it do this?After computerize your company's management,all storage and the correlative staffs will be surveiled.You can check the storages instantly per day,if you have any suspicion,you can check all business of that day.This is very useful to the front- line workers,make them pay attention to the storages.Even if some goods are stolen,you can find it as soon as possible.
+ Decrease the loss of storages
  Through the computerize management and the regular report forms,you and your staffs can dispose the storages more careful,and advert to unsalable goods,supervise the cause of lost goods,to control the purchase and sale more efficiency etc..
+ Increase the benefit of storages
  In winter,the sale of chilled beverage may be decline,but it will be hoikin in summer.Many shops order goods according to what they want to sell.If you discover that you have sold 500 tin carbonated drinks in the last ten-day of June,you have to be ready to complement your storages.Furthermore,check stocks and sale report forms can improve your sensitivity to the storages,make sales promotion for unsalable goods,decrease storages,and increase the efficiency of merchandise.
+ Insure your profits
  Stocks report forms will show you that you have sole 1000 tin carbonated drinks,$5 per tin,the cost is $2,profit is $3.So the report forms will show you that what kind of goods will bring you more profits,and then you can purchase more salable goods.
+ Quicken the process of check-out
  Cash register will help you to quicken the process of check- out.Use the computer cash register with bar code scanner,you can check-out for customer quickly.Even you don't use scanner,you can do it quickly too.As long as you input the number of the goods,the cash register will show the price.Use the professional credit card reader,make deal with credit card more convenient.
+ Accuracy
  Every goods' price save in cash register by encode,and when input the code,cash register will dispose automatically.You don't need to calculate the price of goods and the payment.Your staffs will not trouble with memorizing wrong price or giving wrong change.
+ Offer customer service and sale data analysis
  Use computer to carry out member system or member preference.Base on the record,you can make right price when you carry out sales promotion.Moreover,send propagand letter or birthday card to clients,make them feel the hospitality,then they will be happy to back your shop.
+ More
  Now you have knew the benefits of computer cash register,why not let us to help you to achieve the aim?It will be welcome that contact us or request a free quoted price of computer cash register system.
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